Ladies Ministry

Our ladies are very involved in our church and enjoy many opportunities for fellowship and service. Some of these include…

Harvest Sisters’ Meetings
The ladies meet together regularly for fellowship and planning meetings. These meetings include a devotional, special prayer time, refreshments, and planning. The ladies also meet regularly to eat lunch out and go on shopping trips or other activities together.
Widows Ministry
Our church is blessed with a wonderful group of widows and widowers. Our ladies take extra special care of them with an organized program that allows our church to bless and help these men and women in our church. The ladies also send cards and small gifts as an encouragement to our widows and widowers and pray for them on a regular basis.
Secret Prayer Sisters
Our ladies enjoy having a new Secret Sister each year to pray for and send encouraging notes and gifts to. They keep themselves a secret all year and then give the big reveal at a special party planned for the occasion.
Nursery and Children’s Classes
Our ladies enjoy having the opportunity to serve and teach in our nursery and children’s classes.