As we look for answers in the world around us, it is often hard to determine what is true.  Sometimes life and even our relationship with God becomes confusing to the point that it causes one to become discouraged or even to quit.  The good news is that God loves us and desires for us to have a close relationship with Him.  He is concerned with our lives and has given us the Bible to navigate through this world and provide answers to life’s toughest questions. The Youth Ministry at Harvest Baptist Church will encourage you along the way and help you find the truth in God’s Word. 


Some believe that the Christian life is boring and that a person cannot have fun living as a Christian.  The truth is that Christians can have lots of fun, true fun because they know and live the truth. 

Some types of our activities include:

  • Youth Games
  • Youth Conferences
  • Summer Camp
  • Bible Studies
  • Service Opportunities


Everyone desires to have a true friend, but they can be hard to come by in this world.  A true friend will stick by your side in thick and thin.  A true friend will seek the best for you and will encourage you to do right.  A true friend will tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear.   True friends will accept you for who you are and not look down upon your “quirks.”  At Harvest Baptist, you will have the opportunity to develop close friends who have a common bond in having a heart for God.  You will not have to pretend to be someone you are not in order to be accepted.  Every teen can have a place at Harvest Baptist Church knowing that they are genuinely cared for and loved.